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Cosmetic Dentist in South Pasadena, FL


Discover our extraordinary attention to your comfort.

When you visit Dr. Daniel, you'll quickly discover that we're not your ordinary dental practice. Our office is custom-designed for total relaxation. There are beautiful gardens with waterfalls for your enjoyment, with views from each operatory.

We offer a comprehensive range of adult dental services. So you won't have to be referred to another dentist office and can maintain just one relationship for all you dental needs.

We also offer very personalized service and spend a lot of time with each patient, because with Dr. Daniel and his staff, the patient is ALWAYS first. Simply put, it means that we treat you like we would like to be treated.

Come in and discover for yourself how our care has broadened the smiles on thousands of faces.

It all starts with the most through comprehensive exam possible. We'll check for cavities, gum disease, chipped teeth, broken teeth, missing teeth, oral cancer, TMJ, loose crowns, filling and much more.

Dr. Daniel has over 40 years of dental experience. He has dedicated his professional life to learning new and innovative techniques that will make your experience with him a pleasure, not a pain.

Dr. Daniel is a very experience and well-credentialed dentist. He keeps up-to-date with the lasted techniques and uses some of the most advanced technology in the area. He is an active member of many respected professional dental organizations and study groups.

Dr. Daniel is dedicated to providing the best dental experience with beautiful results. What does this mean to you? It means that whether you simply need a cavity filled or an advanced restorative procedure. Dr. Daniel will always provide the highest quality care with only one thing in mind-you.

Silas E. Daniel, DDS

Dentistry, which I have given lectures throughout the years to: 

  • The Naples Dental Association, Sarasota Seattle Study Club and the St. Petersburg Seattle Study Club (regarding crown/ bridge and cosmetic dentistry)
  • Lectures regarding Dental Implants for General Practitioners and socket grafting for General Practitioners
  • Lecture regarding laser dentistry and its influence in periodontal treatment

I contribute my free time as a dentist to the St. Petersburg Free Clinic Dental Program where I am also currently a board member.When not engaged in Dental activities I do gardening and fishing.


  • 1970–1974    Medical College of Virginia    Southridge, SC     D.D.S.
  • 1966–1970    Florida Southern College    Lakeland, FL     BS.


  • Implants
  • Periodontal therapy traditional and with Biolase laser, crown lengthening
  • Endodontic therapy
  • Oral surgery (extractions of all teeth)
  • Crown and bridge
  • TMJ therapy
  • Cosmetic dentistry
  • Prosthetic therapy
  • Prosthetic surgery

Dentist - South Pasadena
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South Pasadena, FL 33707

WaterLase Dentistry

WaterLase dentistry is one of the most advanced dental treatments today. WaterLase uses a patented technology that combines focused light energy with a stream of water for a highly precise, exceptionally gentle dental experience. WaterLase allows your dentist to perform a wide range of procedures with benefits including:

  • Faster healing time and less trauma to teeth and gums.
  • Less anesthetic for most procedures.
  • Treating dental needs in more than one part of the mouth in one visit.
  • Making dental care a more relaxing experience for you.

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Lending Club Patient Solutions

Our practice is pleased to offer flexible payment plans
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  • No initial payment and no payment for 3-7 weeks
  • Affordable Extended Plans with low fixed rates & low monthly payments
  • 6-24 month Promotional Plans
  • No prepayment penalty

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